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2013 Route Map

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Congratulations to all on completing the 30th Annual Warriors Run.


Top Sheet Results


1st Male : BRIAN MC MAHON 0:52:18
1st Female : BREEGE CONNOLLY 1:02:01

2nd Male : BARRY MINNOCK 0:56:51
2nd Female : HEATHER FOLEY 1:07:04

3rd Male : RICHARD GORMAN 0:57:06
3rd Female : SINEAD FOWLEY 1:09:05

1st Local Male : Martin Brennan 0:58:57
1st Local Female : Kate Brown 1:19:30

Local Veteran : Mick Lucey 1:37:26

Male Veteran 45 -54 :  Paul Mitchell 1:06:26
Female Veteran 45 - 54 :  Ann Hunter 1:16:36

Male Veteran 55 and Over : Joe Stagg 1:16:58
Female Veteran 55 and Over : 1:14:06

Team Result : Sofa king Fast
Richard GORMAN
Jonathan HILL

Young Warriors Male 1st (5k) : Padraig Keane 0:18:05
Young Warriors Female 1st (5k) : Kellie Hopkins 0:27:46

Young Warriors Male 2nd : Leo Doherty 0:19:24

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So You Think A 15K Run Is A Piece Of Cake ?

Not 'Round Here It Ain't.....'

Welcome to Strandhill, Co. Sligo home of The Warriors Run, one of Ireland's toughest competitive races.

Strandhill Village is 8 kilometres west of Sligo town, is situated on the Atlantic seaboard and nestles at the foot of Knocknarea Mountain. On its summit (1,070 ft), sits a megalithic cairn where Maeve the legendary Queen of Conaught is reputedly buried.

Each year runners from all over Ireland (and various parts of the world) converge on Strandhill to follow in the footsteps of her ancient warriors.

The Warriors Run takes competitors from the Cannon Gun at the beachfront in Strandhill to the top of Knocknarea, around Queen Maeves Cairn and back to the beachfront again. For the uninitiated, a 15 Kilometre race might seem easy. Not the Warriors Run!  The race is classified as a road and hill race or multi-terrained, so whilst approximately nine of its kilometres are on paved roads, it is the special six kilometres in the middle, to the top of Knocknarea that gives the race its bite. These six kilometres include a 700 foot climb through fields, loose gravel, unsurfaced and heather paths. At its steepest incline on the way up, even the most professional athlete slows to a walk and then brace themselves to face the equally daunting downhill run, back down the often slippery slopes, even in the driest of weather.

Despite the endurance trait of the race, each year around 800 runners take part in this unique event to cross the finish line at the beachfront and earn the honour of being able to say that they completed The Warriors Run.


The Warriors Run is a physically challenging event and only those who have sufficiently trained for this event or who are experienced runners should take part. Persons with medical conditions should consult their Doctor/GP before taking part.

Event time limit is set at 2.5 hours.
Broom wagon will pick up stragglers after this time